Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday - a day of expectations

It's Saturday morning and I have many great expectations for my day.

I slept in late . . . well past the time my husband left to go hunting the Whitetail. This being opening day of gun deer season the hunter had to be in the woods at the crack of dawn. literally

The dog and I took a walk, but couldn't walk our normal route through the fields - one never knows who could be lurking in a tree - awaiting their whitetail. I want no confusion on this even though I was wearing blaze orange (this is not my color of choice except during this time of the year to save any incertitude).

The lake was calm.

Today brings glass time. Yea! I will be firing the kiln with glass for the new mold and finishing the solder on the bevel piece. By the end of the weekend I could have a new bowl and a new piece for my front window ready for a frame.
Happy weekend to you. Hope you will have time for your passions.

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