Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keep trying . . .

I need to keep trying. Warm glass humbled me this week.
I was attempting ( key word here = attempt)  a drop ring for the third time. I did my research this time (the first attempt didn't drop and the 2nd attempt dropped too far) and had my glass in the kiln - I was home and watched the drop. I flash vented the kiln. The piece was going to be perfect . . . I left it to anneal and cool over night. I was very surprised the next morning.

My camera didn't take a good pic because it was still cold from my morning walk, but you can see the glass puddled under the drop ring. Again -  -- I failed. I had the first part of the kiln's schedule correct, but had a random ramp up to 1700 degrees that ruined the piece - Oh well - more scrap glass :-(

I just hope I can salvage the drop ring and get the glass off of it.

Today I have a new round box in the kiln. It's just finishing. I did peek an hour ago and all looks fine. I checked the schedule 3x before letting it fire. I want no more huge mistakes.

Yesterday I took a field trip to a glass gallery in a nearby town (Menasha, WI). I had never visited this gallery - I love talking to other glass artists and Mary was enjoyable. She creates many lovely pieces and jewelry - some w/ recycled glass. Great ideas and a lovely gallery.

~ Julz

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