Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Ideas than Time - a good thing

Today I was up early to catch the sunrise. Last night there was a clear sky and the stars and the sliver of the moon were wonderous when I walked the dog.

Thought I would get out early this morning and catch the sun as it came over the trees, but the clouds had moved in. darn

I wasn't able to catch the sun rise, but I did find some interesting grass and leaves in the snow.
I really want to show nature in my work. To emulate a feeling or capture a moment from nature.
I am not always successful - sure is fun trying though.

I was shopping sales w/ my mom yesterday and picked up some hand made knifes to use for spreaders that were unadorned and I want to try my hand at adding some beads. I'm still unsure how I will accomplish this . . .

I also have made a number of glass jewels with scrap glass that I want to put together into a stained glass sun catcher - I do have some ideas here and have laid out a few different designs that I haven't been quite happy with yet. I will keep trying here until something sticks.

         last week I got a shipment of new slumping molds for my fusing work.

I can't wait to get some glass in these. I started cutting out my first dish today, but then got interrupted by lunch, cleaning, driving kid into town, making pies for supper with friends. My goal is to get the circle into the kiln for the night - so that I can slump tomorrow.

Finally - this is what came out of the kiln this morning -

I love these dishes. They catch light and reflect it so nicely. This is the first one that I have made in a while and the first green one (may save it for next Christmas season).

It's sunny now and a degree above freezing - off to load the kiln and get out during the daylight to walk the woods. Have a glorious day.

~ Julz

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