Saturday, January 2, 2010

Morning glass -

This morning dawned w/ below zero temps and wind chills at double digits below zero. Yuck!

My kiln is staying warm.

I finished my small black, round box w/ the red frit. While the top of the box was fusing the red glass frit embellishment onto it - I put in a few small experiments into the kiln around the edges.


I really love how the box turned out.

. . . and the experiments also turned out nicely;-)

 . . .  thinking of putting bails on these and making them into cabs. I experimented with the blue dot one.
I like to wear my glass as way to keep it close to me as a reminder throughout the day.

Meanwhile the kiln is staying warm. I have a dish slumping as I post this:-) Today brings a trip to my mother's to spend some time with her in the new year.

Stay warm.

~ Julz

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Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I love hbow your round black box turned out as frit was the perfect choice!