Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Orange Day

Orange you glad it's Thursday?

An orange bowl w/ orange stripe - wish I had a way to smooth out the edges. 
Until then - I have organic shaped pieces.

My other work was supposed to be a weave, but at 6 am this morning after walking the dog. (Gosh it's great that the days are getting longer - now I am able to see the start of the sunrise as I return from said walk.) I popped the weave into the kiln for the day and did a full fuse instead of a tack fuse. darn
I need to practice thinking through my schedule and not rush into a fuse just to have a warm kiln.

Now I have an interesting pattern. I'm not sure how I will finish this piece. Perhaps a bowl or a dish or even something of uneven shape as if the glass were crumpled. . . . 
Not sure.

~ Julz

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