Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday - ahhhhh!

It's the time of year that sunny days are rare. Today is a sunny one and it's even a lovely 26 degrees outside. The day started w/ my dog exercising me at day break and the sun rise on the new snow from the last few days was a blush of softness. No pictures - forgot the camera. darn

I have two amaryllis bulbs blooming to try to bring a bit of spring to my environment. . .
I love these bulbs; the first is a repeat from last year and the second is new. 
A bit of beauty for dreary winter days.

The kiln has been warm and cold this week. I finished these two small bowls early in the week - continuing w/ the bright colors & dot theme and then didn't fire anything until today.

The kiln is firing now with a full fuse on some small squares for a new idea I am experimenting with today.

Have a great Saturday!

~ Julz

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