Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Casting Class

OMG - what a wonderful learning experience!
I wish I could have been a sponge and truly soaked up all that was presented over the weekend.
I tried, but I think I was only able to get 1/2.

Michael Dupille was the best instructor.
I will share a bit here.

Here is my first cast. It's a fiber paper carving.
Very cool. I added some color and had some places w/out color - I like this process and will do more of this. The picture above was prior to any cold finishing.

We then moved on to casting w/ castalot. 
(I need some of this for my studio)
We created clay objects - my eyeballs - and then cast them, dried the cast over night and then used the cast for glass.
Michael was a riot.

I added colored frit to create the eyeballs.

We then filled the cast with clear frit both fine and coarse to create body of the object.

Okay - now the anti-climax. . . 
The class was over on Sunday afternoon and my eyeballs and another flower cast that I carved into the castalot, added glass, and fired were still in the kiln. 
The thicker the glass the longer the kiln schedule for ramping up the kiln and annealing the objects.

No problem - except that I live 2 hours north of where the class was and the objects will have to be shipped. darn
I can't wait to see.
~ Julz

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