Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more cast glass

One of our casting projects was to use clay and make an object and then cast it. After the casting was hardened we removed the clay, kiln washed the cast and then used the cast as a glass mold.

I have not worked w/ clay since elementary school (a long time ago), so I wasn't feeling that I had the ability to create a masterpiece. I also wanted to create an object that could be cast with glass in many different ways.
- so - 


I like how they turned out and I want to cast the mold again using different colors.

One woman in my class said that she wanted to see a wall of the eyeballs in her bathroom. That might be a bit creepy. 

I did love learning the process!

~ Julz

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gallerydarrow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Julz. Happy Easter to you too. "Looks" like your having fun!!!!!