Saturday, June 26, 2010

new projects

A few new projects in the works -

I have decided that I need to keep my soldering skills honed otherwise when I do a stained glass project the re-learning time kills the project and my creativeness (is that a word?).
Therefore I need solder more than once every 4 years.    :-)
I fused some flowers in clear glass squares for the center pieces in this stained glass panel. I am in the process of designing the panel. I hope the idea in my head - makes it to paper and then glass.

In the kiln now is a fuchsia colored square dish that is slumping. I used some subtle iridescent glass elements. I hope this mold that I am slumping over works; I will know in a few short hours.

I am enjoying time for creating glass today. Happy Saturday!

~ Julz

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