Sunday, August 22, 2010

:-) Amber Bowl

August brought a lot of work hours and a trip to the Rocky Mts, but not much glassing.

The mountains were breath-taking.

We did accomplish some short hikes and sightseeing.

Amber bowl w/ red embellishments:

Prior to its first fuse (full fuse) for my amber bowl w/ red embellishments.

This morning - I am slumping over a ss bowl mold that has been kiln washed.

Note: my fail in cutting a circle . . . one side broke:-( 
I really wanted the bowl to be this size, so I am trying to use the broken circle. 
In the top photo you can see my attempt to hide the broken piece by placing clear frit over the seam. In the bottom photo you can see that I failed because the seam where the glass broke can still be seen. 

I am always learning and being humbled by the glass.

~ Julz

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