Sunday, October 31, 2010

New toy

A diamond drill bit for my dremel; using it I can make holes in glass.


I have had this piece for a while with no good way to display it.
Now it can hang in a window.

This tack fused glass was made in the event 
that I ever create a display at a show.

This is a new piece, but a poor picture.
I have it hanging in my window and will try to get a better picture in the sunlight tomorrow.

I really like the wispy quality of the flower and I have some glass similar to this in the kiln tonight.

~ Julz


Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I'm loving your fused hangings Julz! bright and happy, yet simple designs!...and I bet you are glad to have discovered the dremmel drill bit. I sure was...

Julz said...

You are right. I love the dremmel w/ the diamond bit.