Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enjoying the snow

We were very fortunate to get a foot of snow last weekend. 
I dug out my snowshoes for our afternoon walks. I walk twice per day, but my morning walk is during a pre-dawn hour. I'm fearful of stumbling in the morning darkness, so mornings are restricted to walking on the plowed road. There isn't much traffic at that hour.

Reuben, my reliable walking buddy, and I are waiting for the 
winter solstice and 
anticipating the time when each day increases in light length.

Reuben wasn't too sure about going through the fields, 
but after I broke the trail he was a bit more enthusiastic.

Much time in the last week has been spent trying to stay warm.
One lap of this field helps in that endeavor.

~ Julz

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gallerydarrow said...

Oh that looks like a blast!
Merry Christmas to you Julz.