Friday, February 18, 2011

Leaded Glass Piece

My first leaded glass piece -
Here it is prior to soldering.

Below is the finished piece placed in a window so that the sunshine shines through. 
The reflective properties of glass 
keep me coming back. 

Today was a sunny, but windy day in Wisconsin and even though 
it has been warm (45 degrees F is warm for us) this week - we still have a good snow cover which you can see outside my front window.

I purposely chose a very simple pattern for my first leaded piece.
The next leaded piece will be more complicated:)

But - the next piece that I'm working on is a stained glass panel made with copper foil.
Here it is pre-border and pre-foil or solder.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

~ Julz

1 comment:

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Ahhh...the finished piece is great! How did you like the new technique? Do you prefer one over the other? copper foil vs lead?