Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Garden Stake

One new garden stake finished!

Yesterday we had a beautiful spring day. My daffodils are finally starting to bloom.
This year's spring has been non-existent. We still have a pile of snow at the end of our road. Getting the kiln running again and successfully completing a new garden stake feels very good.
I am optimistic that May will bring better weather.

Garden stake resting on the ground.

Garden stake with light shining through it.
This garden stake has been donated to a charity auction to benefit special needs students.

Fusing - this morning in the kiln . . .
Black w/ a yellow bottom and multi-colored detail.

:-) Happy Saturday.

~ Julz

Thursday, April 28, 2011

tentative steps w/ kiln

My first tentative steps with a fixed kiln . . .
Some new glass for plant stakes with glass scrap.

and had success.

Small steps.

Now I'm feeling better.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiln problems continue

I arrived home, made supper and ate with the family.

~ then ~

I checked the kiln.

Yes, I am still having kiln problems as evidenced by a fatal error on the kiln's controller display.

I didn't cook anything (like expensive glass) that I might have destroyed
if the repaced relay didn't solve the problem, 
but this is frustrating.

I have been doing some stained glass work. Shown above and below is my current tulip project - another leaded piece to practice my new skills.


~ Julz

Excited for the day job to be done


My kiln has been on the fritz.

A new relay was installed yesterday.

Kiln fired over night w/ the new relay.

- to do -
1. Day job.
2. Board meeting.
3. Grocery shopping for supper.
4. Home to check the kiln. . . can't wait!!

~ Julz