Monday, May 2, 2011

Glass Quilt

I really like the concept of creating a glass quilt. 
The finished product not only looks cool w/ the sun shining through it, it also is very tactile and I find myself drawn to touching it often.

I want to repeat this project w/ a bit more color and texture planning.

I placed a new glass and tools order last night.

It should get here in the next few days. 
I can't wait.

Spring, is not here. 
It was cold and cloudy on this Monday.
A very difficult day to stay optimistic and moving in a positive direction.
I really want to work outside and plant some things in the garden.
Even my spring bulbs are not blooming yet.

Working with glass helps.

A project in the works - 

My goal is to etch John Lennon's 'Imagine' lyrics into a glass panel. 
I will then rub black glass powder suspended in oil into the etched letters - 
removing any extra black glass.
After firing, the words should stand out 
and the panel should be able to be displayed on a wall or in a window.

I hope my plan works. 

I started etching the lyrics and then I thought. . . 
I better move a bit slower.
I created a one word test.
'Imagine' on a scrap of glass is in the kiln tonight.

Determining if this is going to work prior to putting in many etching hours.
This is the choice I made for tonight.

My 'Imagine' test fit in the kiln along side my first fuse of a white bowl with red dots.

~ Julz

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Janet at New Moon Glass said...

I'm loveing the glass quilt!