Sunday, July 31, 2011

Small dishes - process pics

Kiln load after full fuse - 
This kiln load includes a small amber/red round with deep red dots 
& two recycled glass blanks with minimal decorations for small dishes.

Here is a view of the kiln just prior to the 2nd fuse to slump the dishes - the red one over a stainless steel bowl and the recycled one over a small dish mold.

Rubrum Lily from my garden.

Zucchini anyone? It is amazing how many pounds of zucchini a few small plants can produce.

There is a possible new, larger kiln in my future. I should know in a few days.
Happy summer!

~ Julz

Sunday, July 24, 2011

small dishes - and more . . .

My last kiln fire was a few flowers, some dots for future projects and  w/ some blanks for a few small dishes.
I have since slumped the blanks onto a stainless steal mold
and like the final results.

My rationale is that small dishes will sell better than large items.
I hope I am right.
I also am enjoying creating a number of different designs and using up some scrap glass.

My next kiln firing has a few stars and a new idea for a garden stake.

I like to test and see how new ideas work out.
I don't think I would be good at production work if it was the same thing with every kiln firing.
I am too attention deficit for that.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

~ Julz

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer half full

as opposed to half gone.

I agreed to share my glass this fall at a Ladies Night at a local gardening/landscaping business.
The event isn't until October, but I need to create a few pieces of glass to present.
It's hard to think of Fall ideas now in the middle of summer.

I am already a bit apprehensive because I have never done a public showing/selling of my glass. This will involve a table of wares and a bit of a demo.

Ponder - 
 How does one demonstrate fused glass?

I started making a few new pieces.
Here is the glass portion of a plant stake.

I did a partial fuse to try to give it some dimension. 
I need to work on this technique.

Since last blog post - 

a graduation -

a 4th of July celebration w/ parade - 

a birthday for my oldest -
Sorry for the blur,
this is the best pic I have of the
zucchini pancake in the shape of Mickey
served up for birthday breakfast.

I started the kiln today with a few flower/nature pieces.
Fall seems far away.

Happy summer!

~ Julz