Sunday, July 24, 2011

small dishes - and more . . .

My last kiln fire was a few flowers, some dots for future projects and  w/ some blanks for a few small dishes.
I have since slumped the blanks onto a stainless steal mold
and like the final results.

My rationale is that small dishes will sell better than large items.
I hope I am right.
I also am enjoying creating a number of different designs and using up some scrap glass.

My next kiln firing has a few stars and a new idea for a garden stake.

I like to test and see how new ideas work out.
I don't think I would be good at production work if it was the same thing with every kiln firing.
I am too attention deficit for that.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

~ Julz


Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Nice little dishes Jules...I especially like the simple gold one....nice!

Julz said...

Thanks! Sometimes simple is better.
~ Julz