Thursday, August 11, 2011

bad with the good

Okay - the new kiln and the old kiln proved to be challenging recently.

I fused blanks in each of them and experienced huge bubbles. Double yuck and ruined glass.
I am not sure if the bubble problem was my schedule - which I changed, or the fact that I moved my old kiln when the new kiln arrived and I may need to do some better leveling.


My next fire in the new big kiln was just a recycled glass blank for a bowl slump. It turned out fine. I'll post pics after the slump tonight.

My small kiln did a great job with a new glass quilt.

Glass quilt on table.

Glass quilt in window.

It always amazes me how the glass colors change depending on how a piece is lit. I wanted to see if glass quilts are too heavy to hang in a window. I drilled holes and threaded a ribbon for hanging. I really like to see the depth of glass and hanging a piece in a window with bright sunlight shining through it is a great way to show off a piece. (I will try it in a carpeted room in case it falls.)

~ Julz

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


More dishes . . .

recycled glass
w/ small amount of amber frit
slumped into square mold

recycled glass
small amount of red glass powder
slumped into square mold

red glass
w/ red dots
slumped over a stainless steel bowl mold
More kiln . . . 
small original kiln in back
new (for me) kiln in front
so exited to get the wiring done (it needs 240 service)
can't wait
exciting times

~ Julz