Saturday, February 18, 2012

glass -

My office window still doesn't have a mounted stained glass piece. The glass piece is done and waiting in my office to be installed. I thought I would get pictures of the finished piece installed, but never thought that the installation would take this long. Soon, I hope.

My kilns have been warm again. . . . which feels good.

I was gifted a box of thin float glass that I am making everyday plates for the kitchen. No color or ornaments - just function, but I love the blueish, tin color, of the float glass once it is fired. I can't wait to remove my old plates and use my new ones.

I have a new idea for a garden stake that is in the small kiln now. This one will be larger. It will still be framed with copper, but will have two stakes to push into the ground. I saw an example of one similar to this at a shop last week and thought I could adapt it to my design. I am excited to give this a try.

and -

I have made a new small round box. I created a mix of colored frit to create the box.
The dominant color was Grenadine Red -

I also took the time to finish this blue box that I had left unfinished sitting on my shelf - 

The box really looks different cleaned up, polished and sitting in the sun.

~ Julz

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gallerydarrow said...

Oh I especially love that window Julz, it's stunning!

So glad your kiln is warm, keep having fun.......