Sunday, February 17, 2013

More recycled glass with emamel color

Window glass turns a fine ice-blue color after being fired in the kiln.

I love the ice-blue color, 
but adding a bit of enamel can bring a new dimension to my glass pieces.

I ordered a sample selection of enamels from Thompson Enamel 
and have loved experimenting with the opaque and transparent colors.

Pre-fired glass blanks in the kiln. 
The enamel colors don't really show themselves until after firing.

The bowl below was made from the bottom right blank.

I love the color.

~ Julz

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recycled glass w/ enamel color

I am really enjoying the use of enamels with recycled glass to add a bit of color.

 a bit of color brightens the cold days. . . 

This square dish will be great for organizing my desk.

The yellow and orange colors really shine through on this wonky bowl.

I still need to smooth the edges of this blue bowl. I can't wait to get it finished.

~ Julz

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2013 - glass

February 2013 
What I am working on now. . . 

Staying warm.

Temperatures in Wisconsin have gone from below zero with -20 windchills to 40 and back in the last 5 days. Today it is sunny and a cold 14 degrees.

The above two pics are a bit of fusing that happened around the holidays. I really like these stars hanging in my front window. They catch the light and sparkle on sunny days.
(Perhaps permanent, front window ornaments.)

We had 9+ inches of snow last week.

With my studio in the basement, 
my glassing view is now up and out over snow banks.

I am trying my big kiln out on some recycled glass with enamels today.

I'm hoping for the best on their first run through the kiln. 
Enamels can drastically change color when they are heated.

The small kiln has an enamel blank that I am slumping on a, new for me, mold -
I don't really like the blue-dot design, 
so I decided to try slumping over this mold that I have had for more than a year 
and not used yet. I will be able to figure out the mold without using expensive glass.

It's good to be dabbling with glass again.

~ Julz